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Social Media Management & Brand Growth

Establishing a professional social media presence has become a must-have for a brand that doesn't seek to stagnate and wants to increase sales. Brands without a widespread online visibility are also missing out on the opportunity to cost-effectively promote their service as well as generate potential customers.
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In order to beneficially elevate yourself a good management of all social media channels is necessary besides the actual content strategy. 

The conception of an action plan, community maintenance as well as the final reporting are part of the work and should be taken equally seriously. When managing your accounts Double O takes great care to ensure that your brand values and CI are reflected in all posts at all times. The profiles should humanize your company and present you from a perspective that allows people to look beneath the surface of the business. In this way, transparency as well as honesty can be illustrated and make qualities visible that are nowadays demanded from a brand. 

Another part of our work is connecting and cooperating with influencers as well as bloggers. We select advertising faces who are engaged in your business segment and can positively affect the brand awareness. The partnerships are especially promising since a large part of the marketing is done by word of mouth. Consequently, the specific choice of opinion leaders who talk positively about your brand is not only beneficial for visibility but also the image.

Additionally, you can illustrate modernity as well as understanding of progress through collaborations. For example, by incorporating trends and partnering with newcomer influencers. Furthermore, appearing regularly on other profiles or cross-promotion will benefit your follower count, impression rate and overall brand growth. 

As a creative agency it’s our job to stay on top of the latest tools, trends and cultural developments at any time. The interplay of constant activity, interesting posts, cooperations, interactions with followers as well as the regular performance analysis of campaigns make up a successful social media presence.

By following all factors you can increase the organic reach of your profiles in the long run and optimize the traffic of the corporate website. However, the most important aspect that can be achieved through a strong online presence is the trust of consumers in your brand.