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Marketing Strategy & Management

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Your company is unique and so is the marketing strategy. Prior to the creation of a marketing concept the most crucial thing is to do the right groundwork. 

Therefore, a market and brand analysis is carried out which provides information about trends, target groups and the current state of your company. With the help of the SWOT analysis the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats of a brand are shown and the PEST investigation identifies external factors that can have an influence on it. Each of the mentioned steps strengthens the knowledge foundation on which all further strategic planning is based. We define qualitative and quantitative goals including distribution, sales, customer loyalty and brand image. Based on the analyses carried out beforehand we know exactly which approaches will lead to the desired result.

In order for your brand to be and remain competitive a USP is desirable. The “Unique Selling Point” sets you apart from competitors and influences the level of awareness as well as the association of your brand. The USP is part of the corporate identity which in turn defines the principles and personality of your company.The advantage of a strong and consistent identity is a high level of recognition as well as credibility among the target group. Overall, the CI is a guiding line after which the marketing operations and the visual appearance of advertising activities are adjusted. 

When defining your values the brand identity prism can be applied. The model helps to strengthen and coordinate your appearance, personality, culture as well as other CI aspects. In addition, the tool creates clarity about the relationship that you are aiming for between your brand and the customers. However, the goal should always be to satisfy the target group and thus develop brand loyalty. 

Once the brand and the market have been researched advertising activities can be planned as well as implemented. Effective marketing is based on a multi-media approach. This means that a variety of suitable communication channels are used to reach the specific target group and remain in their memory. In advance, a budget plan should be prepared for all campaigns, projects and other advertising actions. In this context, an annual plan is helpful in which all activities and costs are illustrated. 

During and after a campaign the monitoring is fundamental. This allows you to identify whether the particular action was suitable or whether any improvements should be made. Among other things, this can be determined on social media through the number of likes or comments and offline via sales figures.